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Cataracts FAQs


Cataracts are a serious eye condition that affects millions of Americans every year. Just because so many are affected by cataracts, including our local residents here in the greater West Palm Beach area, doesn't mean that everyone knows what they are and what it means if they receive a cataracts diagnosis from their eye doctor. The following is a look at some of the most common questions about cataracts that we encounter at Visionary Eye Center. 

What are Cataracts?

Let's start with the big one: What are cataracts? Cataracts describe a condition in which the eye's lens develops cloudiness that impairs vision. While you can develop cataracts as a medication side effect or symptom of another ailment, the most common cause is simply the aging process, which breaks down the gelatinous fluid in the eye. As of today, over half of all Americans who are 65 and older will develop cataracts at some point.

How Do I Know if I Have Cataracts?

The only way to know for sure if you have cataracts is to talk with your optometrist and have an eye exam completed. That said, there are some common symptoms of cataracts to be aware of. Those symptoms include:

• Issues with bright lights; for example, headlights and sun glares may seem almost painfully bright

• Colors start to look faded or dim

• Double or multiple vision

• Frequent prescription changes

• Poor night vision

• Cloudy or blurred vision


Now, while all of these symptoms are common symptoms of cataracts, they are also symptoms of other eye conditions. For example, poor night vision is a common side effect of LASIK eye surgery, as well as a common symptom of general eye aging that is not related to cataracts. An ophthalmologist is the person best able to perform the necessary eye care exams to determine the cause of such symptoms and the best course of treatment for them.

How Do You Treat Cataracts?

New technologies are promising more options when it comes to cataract treatments, but options are limited right now. There are some medicated eye drops that can help offer some relief for mild to moderate cataract sufferers, but most cataracts will eventually require surgery for removal. Cataract surgery is a safe and effective procedure that your local Jupiter or Port Saint Lucie optometrist can provide.

Contact Visionary Eye Center to Learn More

Our team at Visionary Eye Center is proud to serve clients throughout South Florida, including those in Abacoa and Stewart, with expert eye care solutions. Learn more about cataract diagnosis and treatment, as well as other common eye issues by scheduling your appointment with our team today.

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