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Eye & Vision Exam

At Visionary Eye Center, we offer comprehensive care to our patients to protect and restore their vision. You should see your eye doctor at least once a year and more often if you have any changes to your vision. Our optometrists in Jupiter are available to you for comprehensive care and support for any type of eye injury, vision concern, or preventative care appointment needed. Set up an appointment with our team today.

Eye Exam

Your Annual Eye Exam

Coming in for your annual eye exam is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your vision remains as good as it can be. Our eye doctor will provide a full battery of tests that can help determine your eye health and vision quality. We can offer treatments and prescriptions to help improve your vision and health if necessary. Our optometrists are happy to discuss your needs with you during this eye exam.

Vision Testing

A component of the care we offer during your eye exam is a vision test. This can help ensure that your vision acuity is as good as possible. This is a non-invasive, quick test that requires you to provide some insight into what you can and cannot see. The result of your vision test can determine if you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision.

Eye Health Annual Eye Exams

One of the most important steps we complete during your eye exam is a screening of your eye health. During this process, we will use several types of equipment to look at the structure and condition of your eyes. We screen for conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Early treatment of these conditions can minimize the risk of vision loss and may improve your quality of life. These tests are typically recommended for patients based on their family genetics and age. Do not put them off.

Contact Our Eye Doctors in Jupiter, FL

Visionary Eye Center offers a wide range of care options when you come in for an appointment with us. Set up your annual eye exam or contact us for an eye exam if you have noticed any changes in your vision or eye health so we can offer treatment quickly. You can contact our optometrists in Jupiter for an appointment. Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? We serve clients throughout West Palm Beach, Abacoa, Port Saint Lucie, and Stuart, FL. Let our team offer you the support you need to improve your eye health for years to come.

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