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Contact Lenses

You must schedule a contact lens exam if you're considering switching to contact lenses. These exams are more involved than the eye exams that most people are familiar with. However, your eye doctor may decide these are necessary for your contact lens exam. Included below are the various services we offer. 

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Eye Exam

To get the best-fitting contact lenses for your eyes, our doctor must use several special machines to measure your eyesight. Some of these may be familiar to you from other eye exams, but there might be an unfamiliar machine or technique. None of these machines will hurt or touch your eyes, and most use lasers to measure eyesight. Although, past this point there’s a choice to make based on your specific preference. If you live an active lifestyle contacts would be beneficial, but if you desire convenience it may be better to use glasses.

Glasses Vs. Contacts

After evaluating your eyes by performing an exam, the eye doctor will give you several choices. There are multiple types of contact lenses, and not all of them may be right for you. For example, lenses may be unsuitable for a patient's eye condition.

The doctor will determine the lenses with the best shape and size for your eyes, then discuss the options. Patients can typically choose between lenses they wear for several weeks, lenses that need to be replaced daily, or, in some cases, lenses that can be worn overnight. Together, you will choose a lens that is right for your eye care and lifestyle.

Eye Fitting

Finally, the optometrist will want to ensure that the chosen lenses are comfortable and that you know how to take them in and out. A fitting contact appointment is usually included in the contact lens exam. Fittings use trial lenses that our office provides. Sometimes, you may be told to try the lenses for several days to determine if they suit you. If you are happy with the lenses and the eye doctor agrees they are a good fit, our staff will gladly help you order them.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

If you live in the West Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucie, Stewart, Abacoa, or Jupiter, FL, area and are interested in trying contact lenses, call our office at Jupiter Farm (561) 250-0655 or Military Trail (561) 429-8753. We’re excited to accept new patients and hope to see you soon.

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