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Emergency Eye Care

Our eyes are among our most vital organs, and preserving healthy vision is essential for maintaining a high quality of life. Unfortunately, our eyes can suffer many injuries or conditions that significantly affect our ability to see. Early intervention from an eye doctor near you during an eye emergency is crucial for minimizing the risk of permanent vision loss. Visionary Eye Center in Jupiter, FL, offers emergency eye care to preserve your vision and ensure a speedy recovery. Learn more about eye emergencies and how our eye doctors can help below.

Emergency Eye Care

Signs and Symptoms of an Eye Emergency

Several signs and symptoms indicate a potential eye emergency. Call our optometrists immediately if you experience any of the following:

•             Sudden vision loss: This can be a complete loss of vision, blurred vision, or a dark curtain obscuring part of your field of vision.

•             Immense eye pain: Sharp, throbbing, or persistent pain in the eye often signals an underlying issue.

•             Eye floaters and flashes: A sudden increase in floaters or flashes of light in your vision can indicate retinal detachment.

•             Chemical exposure: If you get a chemical in your eye, immediate flushing with clean water for at least 15 minutes is crucial.

•             Eye injury: Any trauma to your eye, especially if it punctures the eye or causes bleeding, requires urgent medical attention.

•             Sudden double vision: Double vision can occur due to various conditions, with some requiring immediate medical intervention.

What to Expect During an Emergency Eye Exam

Our eye doctors will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose the cause of your eye emergency. This exam will likely involve a visual acuity test and examination of your eye to check for damage. We may perform tonometry to measure the pressure inside your eye. Depending on the suspected condition, our eye doctors might also use specialized tests to rule out other conditions.

Treatment for Eye Emergencies

Following the eye exam, our optometrists will discuss the diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. Your specific treatment will vary based on the underlying cause of your eye emergency. For example, we may prescribe eye drops or medications to address infections and inflammation. However, some emergencies may require surgery. We can refer you to an eye surgeon to treat these severe cases.

Seek Prompt Care for Your Eye Injury at Visionary Eye Center

Prompt action is crucial for preserving your vision during an eye emergency. If you injured your eye or experience sudden vision loss and need immediate treatment from an “eye doctor near you,” contact Visionary Eye Center in Jupiter, FL. Our eye doctors will diagnose your condition and provide prompt eye care to help you maintain your eye and vision health. Call us and schedule an appointment today at our Jupiter Farms – West office at (561) 250-0655 or our Military Trail – East office at (561) 429-8753.

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